Renovations and Additions

"A home is like a person, if you neglect any part of it, other parts will be affected."

Southwynn Homes provides home renovations and specializes in providing exclusive custom changes to meet our clients needs - providing value, comfort and security.

Exterior Renovations

Exterior Renovations can be as complex as changing the entire exterior or as simple as providing a new paint job. In either case, the intent is to improve the appearance of the outside of the home while enhancing the integrity, longevity and durability of the items being improved.

Exterior Additions can take any form. From adding a room, to adding a second level. Exterior additions are all structural in nature. Some common additions include adding or enlarging a room, creating a bow window or alcove, designing a cantilever for a fireplace or china cabinet, or attaching a garage.

Whatever form the addition takes, it requires the expertise and knowledge of a skilled renovator who must take into consideration the municipal zoning requirements, property space, accessibility, soil conditions, as well as structural integrity.

All this must be taken into account prior to starting any addition.

Neglect is the driving force behind the requirement to renovate the exterior.

Routine Inspection will provide the information needed to take action.

Preventative Maintenance is the action required to avoid needless repair.

Interior Renovations

Interior renovations can be anything from replacing kitchen cabinets to upgrading a bathroom, and can be either cosmetic or structural. As a skilled renovator, we ensure that you receive the best value for your dollar. From design to completion, Southwynn Homes is able to provide any interior renovation you require.

Planning from beginning to end is the key to a successful addition.

Organizing is critical to the successful, on-time delivery of the addition.

Lower Level Development

Lower level development is an extension of the main living area and should be done tastefully and professionally. The proper planning of the available space is paramount to ensure your needs are met. Providing natural light is a key consideration for future enjoyment.

Southwynn Homes has years of experience in all types of exterior, interior and lower level renovations.