It’s all about Choices

Building a custom home is an exercise in personal choices. We work directly with you to ensure that you have every opportunity to make the choices that are important to you. Your requirements are of utmost importance to us and your input is critical to ensure that the final product meets all of your expectations.

It’s all about Trust

Building a new home is more than assembling a competent team of tradespeople and suppliers to put together a product, it's a question of developing a trusting relationship between the builder and the home owner. We do this right from the beginning by outlining exactly what we will provide through our Custom Home Service and Specifications sheets.

All our allowances are stated through supplier costs so that you know we are not building in a profit on those items.

During construction, you are encouraged to walk around and talk to our sub-trades, these people recognize the importance of involving the customer in their activities. At the lock-up stage, you are provided with a key for free and convenient access to your home.

Any problems that may arise during construction, or any changes that may be required are discussed openly with you to ensure that you are a part of the overall solution.

It’s all about Communication

Every customer requires different levels of interaction and communication with the builder. We've had customers who have wanted to meet on site every day to discuss the processes that were underway, not because they didn't trust us, but because they enjoyed the interaction and learning opportunity. On the other hand, we've had customers who left when we started the job and didn't come back until we were finished. In both cases, we have made a point of talking with our customers to meet their individual needs. Most important, however, is that we have begun the communication process.

When you deal with Southwynn Homes, you deal with us from sale to possession. There is never any confusion about who said what to whom. We will be in constant communication.

It’s all about Integrity

The relationship that we develop is based on honesty and credibility. We strive to make sure you are totally comfortable with us and that you know that we are working in your best interests. We guarantee proper leadership and direction to everyone concerned to meet your needs.

Trust  •  Communications  •  Integrity  •  Choices

Locations of some of our Past
Custom Award Winning Homes

Silver Award Winners:

22 Tillbrook Place Charleswood
23 Bridglake Dr. Bridgwater

Gold Award Winners:

41 Deer Pointe Dr. Headingley
127 Marine Dr. St. Vital

Southwynn Homes Ltd.
2018 Line Up

Future award winners:

#55 2,091 sq. ft. 4 bedroom Modern design bungalow
#33 1,980 sq. ft. 2 bedroom Modern design bungalow
#29 1,679 sq. ft. 3 bedroom plus loft transitional bungalow
#27 1,688 sq. ft. 2 bedroom contemporary design bungalow
#26 2,252 sq. ft. Modern design two story
#18 2,076 sq. ft. Transitional design two story

Lots Available in: Bridgwater, Trails of West St. Paul, Blumberg Trails
All of our homes are custom designed uniquely for our clients.

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